Born and raised in the Arctic, she studied Russian literature and languages in Siberia, television - in Moscow and documentary film-making - in New York. She worked as a radio journalist and television producer, created several documentaries, edited and published few books, founded and fully administered international film festival in Alaska, lead marketing department in a commercial bank in Russia, and then served as trade commissioner for her home country in Canada for ten consecutive years. In the last five years she worked on feature film as script editor, and private business consultant. Analytical and creative, she masterminded Culterra Magica, arts and culture enrichment program, and launched it in Northern Tuscany, Italy with support of Toronto's Business, Arts and Culture Integration Centre (BACIC) in 2014. Starting May 2016 she moved Culterra Magica to a new level of supporting arts, - film production. 'Luc, Gone With The Sun' is currently in pre-production stage, while 'Lonely Pine' has been added to CM's portfolio just recently, and its development has started.

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Montreal’s Concordia University Graduate in Fine Arts, she is a multilingual traveler, originally from Siberia. Her interests are broad, - from guitar and painting to fashion and design, - and she enjoys anything arts and music related.

Philanthropy is a big part of Sayyyna’s life, she is kind, responsible and genuinely passionate about helping others, therefore she volunteers a lot. She is somewhat a perfectionist, but highly creative and easy-going, and focused on enjoying life to the fullest!

There is no hospitality like understanding.
— Vanna Bonta, Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel