The experience of your life. Culterra Magica art holiday in Northern Tuscany provides a perfect escape from your busy life to a quiet and rural estate. Experience Italy that you’ve always wanted to see, feel and taste… away from the massive crowds of tourists… an unforgettable place that would leave you enchanted for many years to come...

What is Culterra Magica?

The name is play on words “culture”, “terra”(lat. “land”), “terra incognita” (lat. idiom “land unknown”), “terra magica” (lat. “magical land”), - thus the name was created, “cul-terra magica”, meaning “land of magical culture” and pertaining to Italian culture and the legacy of Italian Renaissance.


Culterra Magica offers a unique vacation enhanced by experiencing Italian culture, seeing fine art and doing art under guidance of the world-class artists in one of the most enchanting areas of Tuscany, called Garfagnana. Who is it for? Literally, anyone.  Going on an art vacation, actually producing art, is an investment in brain health, anti-aging, and stress reduction. All levels of art experienced clients will benefit. Art distracts from worries, reduces stress, builds self-esteem, and creates a healthy state of mind.

Learning about cultures is not just interesting, it stimulates our minds, fosters understanding, and prepares us for becoming more global. Our mission is cultural education through all senses. Taste it, touch it, smell it, hear and see it, - realize there's more than one way to do something, - Culterra Magica is a unique cultural adventure and fun for any age.

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